About Liliarna Rose


once upon a time


nce upon a time… There lived a passionate young seamstress. Passionate she was, for her three small daughters, she sewed and sewed and sewed, making them each their own unique, bespoke garments.  

10 years later, the passionate seamstress became professional and went on to work in the industry for over 10 years.

In 2015 (20 years later), Liliarna Rose Bespoke Boutique was founded by Mother and Daughter. With her children all grown up, Liliarna Rose keeps their mothers passion for sewing and love of making beautiful, bespoke garments alive.

Both mother and daughter are creative individuals who share numerous years of experience in the textile industry and hold several creative qualifications. They make an excellent duo and share a passion for creating, designing and making and believe that attention to detail is key.

They hope their garments help create many magical moments during those special times in your little ones childhood, as did theirs.